project role: lead

evian's brand and bottle were at odds. While it was recognized that the brand was positioned as premium, consumers perceived evian as mainstream and from the past. To elevate evian back into the premium bottle water category, new packaging was commissioned and my team was engaged to help guide the team’s decision-making.

In an iterative fashion, we investigated what the brand’s essence meant both at large and in the context of packaging. We asked consumers to log their interactions with existing bottles and new prototypes, employed projective techniques in Co-Creation, and offered optimization exercises to get to the heart of evian’s optimal design.

As a deliverable, a set of ‘levers’ were developed for assessing and streamlining new bottle options to reignite evian back to modern day. Late last year, evian introduced its new design for the first time in over a decade. It represented a major breakthrough and was extremely well received amongst internal stakeholders.

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